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100 Reasons YOU Should Be Playing Pokemon Go

If you live in the western world, have access to the internet or a TV and you’ve not heard of Pokemon Go, you may be dead (I would consult with a doctor immediately). This hit game, turned TV, turned playing card, turned once again to game franchise is back at it again with the wild Pokemon. With the new element of augmented reality – which has never been done successfully prior to this – Niantic have allowed smart device owners to take to the real world on a mission – if they choose to accept it – to catch the elusive animated monsters, Pokemon. 

While success for this game was eminent, not even Nostradamus himself could have predicted this sort of outcome. In the short few weeks since the app’s launch it has quickly become the biggest mobile game ever and surpassed the likes of Candy Crush & Draw Something. However, this still begs the question, why is it so popular? Surely all of these users are not diehard Pokemon fans, who have been chomping at the bit to catch Pokemon outside. No, they are not. The app has created something wholly different to even the most similar alternative and as we are intrigued mammals, it’s piqued our interest.

But our lured *wink wink* nature isn’t the only reason Pokemon Go has taken to the world like wildfire….

We’ve tried to understand why this game is so great, reasons why people are playing it and more importantly, reasons why you should be playing it.

  1. Exercise

When discussing Pokemon Go, this is the go-to benefit of anyone trying to promote the game to a peer. The game forces you to walk to catch Pokemon, and while I’m sure our nerdy community will find a way around this, for the layman’s it is the only way to catch Pokemon. The amount you walk is highly dependant on how much you want to achieve in-game, but it’s seen some awesome results.

  1. Nostalgia

A lot of the fan base of this game are the kids, teens and adults who spent their 90’s Saturday mornings watching Ash and the gang’s great adventure across the Pokemon world. Ahhh, the nostalgia.


  1. Gotta Catch Em All

I’m assuming prior to this game your life goal was to “catch em all”, but if it wasn’t for some strange reason, it is now. Who are we to argue with the almighty God’s of the Pokemon theme tune.


  1. Bonding

In this technology dominated era we live in, it’s sometimes easy to forget our loved one’s around us. While they may be at the forefront of our mind, we may not always show it. This is classically seen within families with young adult’s who spend little to no time with their families, as other devices have them preoccupied. Pokemon Go has created a unique bonding experience for families to have together, you can go on your very own Pokemon adventures together.

  1. Socialising

The art of socialising with friends and family has been lost in texts, whatsapps, emails etc. However, with Pokemon Go you now have a reason to meet up with your friends again. Find your very own Brock and Misty and head out into the big wide world together, who know’s, you may even talk to them.

  1. Camaraderie

I’m yet to meet a fellow Pokemon Go player who hasn’t been pleasant. The commonality of the game makes you an automatic friend to most other players.

  1. To Be the Very Best

It was once the aspiration of a young boy from Pallet Town. It’s ours now…


  1. Becoming a Gym Leader

Within Pokemon Go, there are locations scattered all over the world known as “gyms”. These allow you to pit your Pokemon in the firing line to be challenged by other Pokemon trainers. While also giving you the opportunity to challenge gyms and if you can beat all the Pokemon in one gym, you become the gym leader. Imagine that on your resume.

  1. Beating Friends, Families and Colleagues

We all know that Dave from two cubicles down is a bit of a show-off and now that Pokemon Go has come around he’s been flaunting his Dragonite all over the place. It’s now time to catch something better and put his puny, low CP’ed Dragonite to shame.

  1. Water Cooler Talk

Since Pokemon Go is such a hot topic right now, it’s being discussed in every office across the world. You don’t want to be that person standing at the water cooler with nothing to add! Play the game, be informed.

  1. Lunch Break Gaming

A typical lunch break may consist of sitting with colleagues you loathe or by yourself (which could be considered better). Now you have something to do. Head out of your office and walk around the vicinity catching Pokemon, hatching eggs or visiting PokeStops.


  1. Exploring

From my experience of playing this great game, I’ve discovered two parks and a river which were all within walking distance of my very own house, which I’ve lived in for 11 years. And I’m not alone in this. Trainers all over the world have been exploring their own areas and others, all in search of Pokemon.

  1. The Thrill of The Catch

You’re faced with the infamous “???” Pokemon, you have one great ball left, you throw it, a “nice” throw, the Pokeball thuds to the bottom of the screen, it rocks once…twice…….THREE TIMES. It has been captured. What a rush.


  1. Mental Health

Many of the gaming community suffer from different mental illnesses such as depression or social anxiety, to which they’ve seen no improvement. Pokemon Go has started being used as a treatment for such illnesses; the game gives the players day purpose, allows them to interact with other players and most importantly leave the house. All of these are crucial in the treatment of these illnesses.

  1. Dog-Walking Activity

I’m not accusing you of not walking your dog, but you may not enjoy it as much as you used to. Playing Pokemon Go while walking your dog creates a nice distraction for you and also a lengthier walk for the pooch.


  1. Selling Accounts

Did you know you could be making money from playing Pokemon Go? Players with high level Pokemon have been selling their accounts on marketplace sites such as eBay with some earning thousands in revenue.

  1. FUN!

What is the point of doing anything? For the fun it! Pokemon Go is a seriously fun game, which has been providing players with hours of enjoyment.

  1. Millions of People Can’t be Wrong

Pokemon Go has an estimated number of downloads at a mediocre 75 MILLION! Would this many people download a bad app?


  1. VR Preparation

VR technology is readying itself to revolutionise the gaming industry by launching such products as Oculus Rift and Playstation VR. Pokemon Go is a nice taster of what’s to come.

  1. Experience Augmented Reality

Augmented reality creates computer generated images in the user’s view of the real world. While this is not a new concept, this is the first time it has been performed at such an impressive standard.

  1. “Lure” in crowds

If you’re a person that loves to be surrounded by people, simply drop a “Lure Module” at a popular PokeStop and wait for the masses to flock to you.


  1. A Physical Community

Twitch streamer, Ceradore states “ The gaming industry has moved to a more isolated environment where often interaction is not needed with fellow gamers. Whilst it’s not required to speak to other Pokemon players whilst out in the wilderness, hunting down Pokemon and ‘bumping’ into other players is a good step in bringing back some of the physical ‘community’ and interaction with other gamers”

  1. The Great Outdoors

It’s likey your days consist of only travelling to and from your destination. Pokemon Go has no destination. You go outside, to be outside and get to experience the outdoors to the fullest.

  1. No Violence

It seems today, that all you see, is violence in gaming and killing in call of duty (It was a reach). The gaming industry has become rife with violence, with nearly all games including; killing, shooting, hacking and group of other savage “ings”. Pokemon Go is refreshingly peaceful for the most part.

  1. Walking for Charity

There are several apps such as Charity Miles, ResQ Walk & Wooftrax which allow you to raise money for charity just by walking. Meaning that while you’re having a great time catching Pokemon you could also be raising money for a good cause. Check out their websites for more details.

  1. Business Opportunities

Several businesses have already started using Pokemon for their own gain, but it’s only a matter of time before all businesses do. If your business is or is located near a PokeStop, by setting a “Lure Module” at said stop trainers will flock to the area in the hope of catching Pokemon and may visit your establishment.

  1. Romance

The format of this game has meant that meeting other players is inevitable, but what if one of those other players is “the one”. There have been a few heartfelt stories of trainers finding their new sweethearts, all with the cupid that is Pokemon Go.


  1. Get to know Pokemon

If you’re not familiar with the franchise, this could be a great opportunity to learn more about it. Pokemon is a very fun concept, that is become heavily embedded into our pop culture.

  1. Play Anywhere

This app can be played anywhere, and I do mean anywhere. As long as you can get a signal or access to WiFi you can be playing the game. This isn’t to say you’ll be catching Pokemon anywhere and everywhere.

  1. Philanthropy

Pokemon Go’s primary function was to bring happiness to the players, but it has done so much more. Specific dog shelters have been overwhelmed by the amount of people looking to walk and even adopt their dogs & players have laid down lures in children’s hospitals so that the young patients can too catch Pokemon without leaving the facility.

  1. Events

As anything gains popularity, the fan base usually follows. Pokemon Go events have already started happening, with organised PokeWalks and events being held across the US and United Kingdom.


  1. YouTube

The gaming culture on YouTube is enormous, the single most subscribed channel is a gaming related content creator. As this new game has made such an impact, a new market has emerged; Pokemon Go content. This is an opportunity for existing creators to jump on the bandwagon or new channels to emerge.

  1. An Endless Demographic

This game is for everyone. No matter what your age, race, sex etc everyone can relate in the world of Pokemon Go.

  1. Visit Historical Landmarks

The creators of Pokemon Go have cleverly placed some of  their PokeStops and gyms on historical landmarks, forcing users to visit them and sometimes take up an interest in the history of the location.


  1. Commuting Entertainment

The commutes to from work  are a pain to say the least. Lucky for us, Pokemon Go can ease that pain. While on the move you’re able to catch Pokemon and hatch eggs, without the hassle of walking. Just advise the driver to keep it under 25mph.

  1. A Challenge

The average human brain when faced with a problem immediately tries to find the solution and if it can’t becomes fixated on doing so. Pokemon Go is our problem, catching them all is the solution.

  1. The Servers are Finally OK

Yes, Niantic got off to a rocky start with their servers issues but they’re okay now. (Keep your fingers crossed)


  1. A Reason to Travel

Rumour has it that specific Pokemon will only be available to specific regions worldwide. Now, we finally have a reason to cross borders, experience new cultures and meet new people, thanks Pokemon Go!

  1. Daily Structure

Most hardcore players have allotted time in their days dedicated to Pokemon Go, this has provided a better structure to their daily routine as it’s revolved around catching Pokemon.

  1. Connects Generations

In everyday life, set’s of generations are unlikely to meet; the middle aged with the pre-teens, the teens with the senior. However, Pokemon has connected people from all generations under the banner of Pokemon.


  1. No Trolls

No, we don’t mean the kind that lives under the bridge, but the kind that lives under their parents house, in the basement, forever. Within games there are groups of players which get their kicks by ruining the game for others, Niantic have designed the game so that this is impossible.

  1. Healthy Competition

Many modern day games have bred unhealthy competition -I’m looking at you Call of Duty – where players are severely angered by losing in-game. This is a problem that Pokemon Go does not have. Their platform has created healthy competition among players with gyms and a levelling system, but nothing that would cause friction among players.

  1. Free-to-play

The game is absolutely free! You can go on your Pokemon journey as Ash did, with nothing.

  1. It’s Easy

Console and PC gaming can be difficult with their various controls and combinations that need to be used within gameplay. Pokemon Go is ridiculously simple, to throw a Pokeball you swipe up, to attack a Pokemon you swipe up, to go to your Pokedex you swipe up.

  1. Be Part of a Team

Upon reaching level 5 in Pokemon Go, you select one of three teams; Valor, Mystic and Instinct (woop woop). Once selected you become part of an international team of players who you can join you in your quest to takeover gyms.


  1. Be Ash Ketchum

For the Pokemon fanatics being in the Pokemon world and living the Ash Ketchum life was nothing but a pipe dream, now we get to live it.

  1. You Only Need a Smartphone

For console or PC gaming you need just that, a highly expensive console or a very powerful PC. For Pokemon Go, you just need a smartphone, which you probably already have.

  1. Online Communities

As the physical Pokemon Go community formed so did the online presence. Welcoming Pokemon Go threads and forums can be found across the internet to discuss our beloved game.

Pokémon GO Discover Pokémon in the Real World

  1. Your Very Own Pikachu

Ash’s connection with Pikachu was something special, Pikachu didn’t ever evolve and spent most of his time outside of a Pokeball. This is the type of companionship we all spend our lives looking for, but now you can have it, with your very own Pikachu!

  1. Play Forever

This game has no end. Even after you’ve collected all of the Pokemon, there will be higher CP’s to obtain, after you’ve become the gym leader in your local area, there are more gyms being created and other areas. Pokemon Go is endless.

  1. No Prior Knowledge Required

Some sceptics excuse for not playing Pokemon Go is that they know nothing about it, but the reality is you don’t need to know anything about it. Niantic have done a great job of teaching new users everything they need to know about Pokemon to play sufficiently.

  1. True to The Franchise

A concern of Pokemon fans prior to release, is that it wouldn’t adequately represent the television show or the previous games. These concerns dispersed after the launch. The Pokemon are accurately depicted, the items are similar as well as the Pokemon-esque style of characters.

  1. Low Data Usage

As a data worrier myself, data usage from Pokemon Go was a huge concern. Surprisingly, it has a very low data usage in comparison to other apps.


  1. Unique Battle System

The players of previous Pokemon game titles had slowly become bored of the turn based battle system, which is why Pokemon Go features an all new system. Which involves being reactive, dodging your opponents attacks and firing back with your own.


  1. Child-Safe

As the app was targeted towards all age groups, Niantic have strived to make the app child safe. Users cannot be contacted by other players nor can inappropriate be messages sent at all.

  1. New Generations to Come

With the launch of Pokemon Go we were only introduced to 151 Pokemon, however this is only the first generation. The other generations will be introduced into the wild slowly but surely.1706957-bigthumbnail

  1. Sleek Graphics

The trailer for Pokemon Go released last year, showed a very different looking product to what was released. Despite this, the launched version included sharp graphics and vibrant colours.

  1. A New Hobby

We’re always looking for new and enjoyable hobbies to pick up, this could be yours. It’s fun, free and works on your schedule.

  1. Fresh Air

If you weren’t aware there are several health benefits of inhaling the fresh air  - found outside – as opposed to the constantly recirculated air flowing in doors. To play Pokemon Go successfully you must be outside, breathing in the fresh air our body is craving.

  1. Mental Breaks

It is recommended that when doing stimulating work that breaks be taken to avoid fatigue, however we never know what to do on these breaks and find ourselves going back to work. Pokemon Go could be the easy mental break you were looking for.

  1. Get Ahead with In-game Purchases

The game is completely free of charge and you’re able to get very far without spending anything, but for those with a heavy wallet wanting to get ahead; items can be purchased from the shop, which would take hours to acquire otherwise.


  1. Customisable Characters

For all the Wii Mii lovers, you’ll be happy to know you get a very customisable character.

  1. Different From All Other Pokemon Games

The Pokemon Company have released a number of titles, from handheld adventure to console fighting games. Pokemon fans, as I did, loved them all. Now, we get to experience a whole new side to Pokemon vastly different from of their other releases.

  1. Charizard!

It’s Charizard. Nuff said.


  1. Easter Eggs

An easter egg – according to Google –  is an unexpected joke or bonus within a piece of entertainment. And Pokemon Go is stuffed with them.

  1. Classic Pokemon Game Music

Each Pokemon game came preset with notable music, which changed to dramatically when battles engaged to intensify the setting. This has not been missed in Pokemon Go and really sets the scene.

  1. Finally Learn the Pokerap

Do you remember the Pokerap at the end of every Pokemon episode? This is your opportunity to learn it! Being exposed to the names of Pokemon everyday will embed them in your mind, so when you’re good and ready you can spontaneously break out in the Pokerap.

  1. Impress Others With your Pokemon Collection

If you’re at a meeting, a ball, a dinner or any kind of get together, whip out your Pokemon list and watch as jaws drop in awe over your high CP Pokemon.

  1. Your Old Pokemon Memorabilia is Now Cool Again

Do you have an old Pokemon t-shirt, toy, mug or anything Pokemon related? Yes? Well, feel free to dust them off and put them back into action as Pokemon Go has made them cool again.

  1. The Future

With all the popularity and praise that this game has received, the users have forgotten that this is only the first draft, it will improve from here. Who knows what the future holds for Pokemon Go?

  1. It Can Be Hilarious

The augmented reality in Pokemon Go makes and has made for some hilarious moments.


  1. Save money

The time you spend playing Pokemon Go would have otherwise been spent doing something costly such as going to movies, or sky diving. Who needs any of that stuff when you have Pokemon Go?

  1. A Great Escape

The stresses of life can sometimes make you want to run away from everything, which is why people find escapes in movies, books, tv shows and games. This game could be another escape for you.

  1. New Pokemon Go Devices

Pokemon Go Plus is set to be released in the US and UK in the coming weeks. It’s a wearable watch which will notify via bluetooth when there is a Pokemon nearby.


  1. Trading is Coming

Trainers were utterly disappointed by the lack of a trading ability in Pokemon Go. However, wisely chosen words at Comic-Con gave hints to it’s appearance.

  1. You Don’t Have to Find Great Pokemon to Have Great Pokemon

Niantic understand that some players live in more rural areas and are not exposed to the Pokemon found elsewhere. Evolving and hatching eggs combats this issue. Giving the unfortunately located players the ability to evolve the Pokemon they have and hatch other rare Pokemon from eggs.

  1. If You’re by Water, You Have an Advantage

Pokemon Go systematically uses your geo location to spawn the appropriate type of Pokemon. Those players by water will see an abundance of water-type Pokemon, something landlubbers will encounter little if any of.

  1. Pokemon Go Solves Crimes

Okay, so it doesn’t technically solve crimes, but it’s been in a few crime related stories. For example a few Pokemon Go players looking to get their fix at a church based Pokestop discovered a naked woman vandalising the church.

  1. Discounts

As the Pokemon Go hype train has grown, more and more businesses have jumped on the bandwagon. Some of which even offer discounts and deals for customers who are Pokemon Go players.


  1. Run Errands Like Never Before

To non Pokemon Go trainers, running errands such as grocery shopping or going to the dentist can seem like a chore. To Pokemon Go players, this just another opportunity to catch Pokemon.

  1. Harness Your Inner Bear Grylls and Track Pokemon

A three-step tracking feature was implemented into the game, where the steps represent the distance the Pokemon are from your location. You then – using mostly trial and error – have to track the Pokemon to their hiding place. (I know this feature isn’t currently working, but I promise it will).


  1. Vitamin D

Depending on your skin type, the season and the time of day you’ll likely need between 6 to 30 minutes of sunlight each day, to have an adequate amount of Vitamin D. Fortunately the Pokemon Go community is out in the sun all the time, so we’re fine.

  1. Sense of accomplishment

Whenever you’ve worked hard on anything and it’s finally completed, there is a sense of relief accomplishment and an incessant need to tell everyone about it. The same sense of accomplishment can be achieved within Pokemon Go, completing your Pokedex, catching a high CP Pokemon or even evolving a current Pokemon you have.

  1. Profit from PokeStops

The entrepreneurial minded trainers have started opening small stalls at PokeStops, selling drinks and snacks, yielding a nice little profit.


  1. The Pokemon Company Do Not Produce Bad Games

If you’re in any doubt about the production of the game itself, just take a look at the Pokemon Company’s previous releases. The majority are all games which have had positive reviews and good sales.

  1. Boredom

Children and adults alike are always complaining of boredom, this could be the pastime you’re looking for.

  1. Even Celebrities Have Jumped on the Bandwagon

This isn’t to say that a celebrity endorsement automatically means something is quality, this example is used as celebrities are busy folks who you would imagine are short on spare time.


  1. Legendary Pokemon are Yet to be Released

Yes, everyone may have better Pokemon than you, but that’s just for the time being. Legendary Pokemon are yet to be released into the game and if you can bag yourself one of those you truly will be the very best.

  1. No More Parental Nagging

Parents are always hassling their children about the amount of time they spend indoors glued behind a screen. Now you can have the best of both worlds! Appease your parents by going outside, but stay behind your phone screen with Pokemon Go.

  1. No Ads (for now)

Not only is the game completely free-to-play, Niantic have graciously opted to not include ads within the game for the time being.

  1. Nicknaming

All of the Pokemon already do have names, it’s actually their common tongue. However, Pokemon Go will not suppress your creativity, go wild nicknaming each and every one of your Pokemon.


  1. Make New Friends

I previously mentioned the eminence of meeting your fellow Pokemon Go players when out and about, who knows where these interactions will lead, maybe a new friendship?

  1. Dates

Dates are expensive and thinking of date ideas can be even worse than the expense. A Pokemon hunt, is a free and cheerful date that could really bring a couple closer together.

  1. Cosplay Without Judgement

As the game gained traction, the weird and wonderful came with it. Some players have taken to cosplaying in popular Pokemon Go locations and weirdly, it’s not weird.


  1. Earn Medals

I for one have earned very few medals in my life, both academically and athletically. Pokemon Go means I can finally make my mother proud. There are several milestones in the game when achieved give the player a virtual medal. Virtual is good enough for me.

  1. Pokemon Make the Best Pets

Have you always wanted a pet without the hassle of cleaning up after it, feeding it or walking it? Then you’re in the right place. The Pokemon caught in Pokemon Go can act as your new pets without the hard work.

  1. Improve Your Navigational Skills

Give a man directions and he’ll arrive at his destination once, give a man a map and he’ll arrive at his destination his entire life. Constantly using a map to navigate yourself in Pokemon Go will only improve your map reading and navigational skills.

  1. People Shout When a Rare Pokemon is near

As Pokemon trainers have started congregating in their hundreds, once a player finds a rare Pokemon it becomes their duty to notify all other players, ideally through the medium of yelling. What then proceeds is chaos.

  1. The Pokemon are Plain and Simple, Cute

You have to admit, some of these little guys are the cutest things you’ve ever seen. Just look at Pikachu’s little face!