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50 Things Only LoL Players Can Relate To

The League of Legends community is vast and has expanded astronomically in the last few years, yet there is still a feeling of camaraderie and unity among all players. A sentiment that we are all part of the same team and can bond over the commonality that is, League of Legends. In the spirit of our gaming brotherhood, here are a few things only LoL players will be able to relate to.

  1. Extremely long updates

When you hop on to League you just want to click launch and get straight into a game, however when an update appears, get comfy, you’ll be waiting a while.



  1. Unfair matchmaking

As with any game you expect to be matched up against players of around the same level, LoL likes to you throw the odd curveball of very mismatched games.


  1. The feeling of a PENTAKILL

Ahh, the sweet taste of five kill victory.

  1. Teemo

If he’s not dropping sludge-like invisible shrooms, he’s transparently waiting for you to walk by. Unless you’re a Teemo player, you’ve had an unwanted encounter with this little fella.


  1. Opening Hextech chests

Whether you’re opening packs in Hearthstone or Loot Boxes in Overwatch, the chase of a good find is exhilarating. The new chest feature has given a whole new element of intrigue to LoL players.

  1. Limited edition skins

While skins serve no other purpose than improving the aesthetics of your champion, Legacy skins are well sought after. There’s just something about owning an item that very few have….


  1. New champions

Riot put numerous hours into the ever expanding development of League. An example of their efforts is the new champions that are released frequently throughout the year.


  1. Instalock

There are some players that just want to watch the team die.


  1. Finding your lane

As a newbie to the game, you’ll test the waters by trying out each lane. Until something clicks. Finding the lane that you’re most suited to is satisfying to say the least.


  1. Kill-stealing

A plague that is rampant throughout the LoL matches, expect greedy players to come along and snatch your kills from the brink of death.

Kill steals


  1. Feeding

There some instances where a player may be new or simply bad at the game and is unintentionally being killed by the opposing team, However, a select few players just want to be a nuisance.

  1. AFK’s

Other online games have a disconnect feature, where absent players are thrown out of the game and replaced when an allotted time is reached. League chooses not to give the team an alternative player.


  1. Champion rotation

Champions that would otherwise be locked to most players are available for play each week.


  1. Gifting

Not many games allow players the gift of giving or should I say gifting. Players can send their friends, family and even enemies skins.


  1. Game mode rotation

Variety is the spice of life and playing the same game mode day in day out can become tedious. Which is why Riot give players a new game mode each week.


  1. Being jumped by Rengar

If there is one thing worse than seeing a Teemo in your lane, it’s not seeing a Rengar. Expect him to be hiding in a bush ready to pounce on passers by.

  1. Pointless champion reworks

Riot tend to put out pretty flawless champions, that need few to no reworks. However, there are a few pernickety developers who seem to find faults in champions that aren’t even there.


  1. Buffing the overpowered

There are a few champions that are considered OP, Kha’zix for example. Now, what they definitely do not need is a buff, yet they still seem to get one.


  1. High ping

Nothing is worse than being in a normal game for the ping to skyrocket to 800ms, where you then die unbeknownst.


  1. Champion shards in chests

The thrill of opening a Hextech chest is great, but it is utterly disappointing find a chest full of champion shards on the other end.

Jax champion shard

  1. Flashing away on low HP

You’re in the middle of a tense duel, when your opponent procks their ignite and you are left on a sliver of hp, the chase begins and you pull of a flash that leaves them in the dust.

  1. Toxic chat

Most chats in-game are used for tactical advances or small conversations, but this more often than not takes a turn.

Toxic chat

  1. Fail flash

There is yet to be something more demoralising and hilarious than misjudging flash.

  1. Picking the wrong Runes and Masteries

It’s a real struggle playing Katarina with Strength of Ages.

Wrong runes and masteries

  1. Missing a Cannon Creep

Who knew a single misclick could cost so much…

  1. Winning a promotion game

After countless games, winning and losing, winning and losing. You’ve made it, you’ve been promoted.

promotion game

  1. Juking skill shots

Embrace your inner Neo and avoid those skill shots.

  1. Counterpicked

The joy of picking Zed to then meet Fizz in mid-lane.

zed vs fizz

  1. Smurfing in ranked

This cheeky loophole to levelling up accounts has been the bane of new player’s existence.

  1. Hitting a global ultimate



  1. Tower diving for a kill

My mind’s telling me no, but my body is telling me yes.

  1. Remake system

The best thing to happen to League since sliced Zed.

remake system

  1. LCS

Won’t be seeing Gross Gore anytime soon.


  1. Being legendary

You bronze players won’t be able to relate.

being Legendary

  1. Getting camped

Why me?

  1. Split pushing

Just stop it, Tryndamere .

  1. Cheesing

I didn’t see the hook coming.

Blitzcrank hook

  1. Saved by your support

Cue Titanic theme.

  1. Yasuo’s Wind Wall

RIP Ezreal

Yasuo wind wall

  1. Losing a promotion match

Slightly worse than missing a cannon creep


  1. Open up the gates

Whatever happened to good old fashioned team fighting.

  1. Backdooring (xPeke)

  1. Zed mains

As law and testament the Zed on your team will be awful, but the opposing Zed will be just shy of God status.

Zed mains

  1. Morgana binding

Better have qss.

  1. Minion block

Creeps are secretly plotting your demise.

minion block

  1. Elo hell

Only a chosen few make it out to tell the tale.

Elo hello

  1. Win lane, lose game

Solo queue at it’s best

Win lane lose game

  1. Troll supports

Didn’t get the primary position so now I must pay the price.

troll support

  1. Missed smite

I timed it, I swear.

  1. Wombo combo’s

Easy game. Easy life.