10 loaded League of Legends accounts 9 NA, 1 RU




All accounts are above 30 and ranked ready with over 25+ each. The main account: -$2000 value on this account alone SOLO/DUO - S4,S5 PLAT, S6 DIA, S7 PLAT, S8 IN PLACEMENTS (GOLD 1 3'S. GOLD 3 FLEX 5'S) -ALL CHAMPS, 71 K BLUE ESSENCE, 14 CHESTS, 194 ICONS - 253 SKINS ( Hextech Annie, 11 legendary, 41 Epic, 200 others including victorious S4-S7) - Prestigous and very cool club "Slavic Union" with the club tag "SLAV" If you want info about the other accounts (rank, champs, ip, skins) or the op.gg links send me a message. None of these accounts are banned but one or two have low priority queue. ONLY ACCEPT PAYMENTS THROUGH WU!