UHC 10 Star account (Full Access) MVP++ (3 Months) IGN: ProudAppleGod)




I've decided to get rid of my 10 star account that currently has mvp++ on it and start over. The game slowly started to get boring especially when you have all the crafts and prestiges. I will most likely start out with a 1 star account again but if you want to search the stats on this account click on this link below. This account is also a Titan rank on Mydoeza's skyblock server (Pic Below) and its also lvl 181 (IP to skyblock server will be given when account is purchased). I am willing to negotiate a tad but this account is well worth 350$. The new owner of this account will be given full access email and all. https://plancke.io/hypixel/player/stats/ProudAppleGod#UHC