Hi, The account has a total level of 1915 and an UNTRIMMED HP cape. Base stats are 75. It has the following untradeables: Rigour and Augury prayers unlocked, Magma serpentine helm, Red Slayer helm (i), Fighter torso, Barrows gloves, Fire cape, Dragon defender, full ELITE Void, yellow Graceful and ZULRAH and KRAKEN pets. Bank value according to RuneLite is around 5M GP. It has an Ornate pool in house with the highest level spellbook swap altar, jewellry teleport box and a Fairy ring. It has all tasks done to atleast hard level and Fremennik and Lumbridge elite done. It also has other quite useful untradeable items! 100M+ total xp and combat stats are 94 attack, 98 strength, 91 defence, 93 range, 77 prayer and 98 magic. The account will run out of membership on 20th March. Feel free to ask me anything regarding the account!