4 rune pages, most champs, LOTS of skins




This account is unranked, level 31, with 359 skins (as shown in picture). There's mastery level 7 on Jinx, Janna, Ashe, and Xayah; and, mastery level 6 on Katarina, Nidalee, Lux, Caitlyn, Annie, Sona, Yasuo, and Sivir. There are quite a few ward skins and summoner icons as well. Ultimate skins; elementalist Lux, DJ Sona, pulsefire Ezreal, spirit guard Udyr. Mythic skins; hextech Annie. Limited; triumphant Ryze. Legacy; zombie Nunu, zombie Brand, vindicator Vayne, traditional Karma, the magnificent Twisted Fate, tempest Janna, sweetheart Sona, sweetheart Annie, swamp master Kennen, spectacular Sivir, slayer Pantheon, slayer Jinx, secret agent Miss Fortune, sailor Gangplank, safari Caitlyn, red riding Annie, reaper Soraka, queen Ashe, prototype Viktor, prom queen Annie, pharaoh Amumu, noxus Poppy, nottingham Ezreal, nosferatu Vladimir, muse Sona, Mr. Mundoverse, molten Rammus, matador Alistar, masquerade Evelynn, mad scientist Singed, little devil Teemo, leopard Nidalee, kitty cat Katarina, imperial Xin Zhao, imperial Lux, heartseeker Vayne, heartseeker Orianna, heartseeker Ashe, haunting Nocturne, freljord Ashe, frankentibbers Annie, firefighter Tristana, feral Warwick, executioner Mundo, emerald Taric, definitely not Blitzcrank, deep one Kassadin, coral reef Malphite, butcher Urgot, big bad Warwick, bewitching Nidalee, bewitching Morgana, baron von Veigar, Annie in wonderland, lunar wraith Morgana, lunar wraith Caitlyn, dragonblade Riven, workshop Nunu, snow bunny Nidalee, slay belle Katarina, silent night Sona, re-gifted Amumu, mistletoe Leblanc, candy cane Miss Fortune, winter wonder Orianna, winter wonder Lulu, winter wonder Karma, snowstorm Sivir, poro rider Sejuani, snow day Ziggs, snow day Singed, snow day Malzahar, snow day Graves, sheriff Caitlyn, riot Kayle, riot Blitzcrank, red card Katarina, all-star Akali, sun goddess Karma, whistler village Twitch, union jack Fiddlesticks, the mighty Jax, team spirit Anivia, ice toboggan Corki, curling Veigar, vandal Twitch, vandal Gragas, sinful succulence Morgana, challenger Nidalee, challenger Ahri, championship Thresh, championship Kalista, SSW Twitch, SKT T1 Zed, TPA Orianna, Fnatic Janna.