Silver NA All Champs 124 skins




This is my original account ive been playing since preseason 3 so its about 5 years old. I have 124 skins: 20 chromas 29 legendary: Mecha Rengar (chromas), projecy yasuo, project ekko, project lucian, project fiora, project katarina, project zed, blood moon TF, Cosmic Yi, Dragon Blade Riven, Void Fizz, Dragon Slayer Panth (chroma), Super Galaxy and Arcade Ezreal, Deathsword Kat, Infernal and Bloodmoon diana, warring kingdoms Xin (chroma), artic ops varus, omega squad veigar, cosmic kassadin, el tigre braum, warring kingdoms J4, risen fiddlesticks, glacial malphite, shadow fire kindred, super galaxy shyvanna, pool party taric 25 legacy: SSW Rengar, underworld TF, Striker Ezreal, Recon Teemo, Candy Cane MF, Championship Zed, Queen Ashe, Frozen Shen, Count Vladimir, Bad Santa Veigar, Riot Kayle, SKT T1 Ryze, Pirate Ryze, Pumpkin Head Fiddlesticks, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, Union Jack Fiddlesticks, Riot Blitzcrank, Vizier Malzahar, prototype viktor, SKT T1 Zyra. 9 legendary: Nightbringer Yasuo, the magnificent TF, dawnbringer riven, omega squad teemo, dark star thresh, dunk master darius, dragon trainer and fire fighter tristana, red baron corki 1 ultimate: spirit gaurd udyr 11 emotes: dabbing penguin, cupid poro, blue essence poro, sad kitten are the notable ones Ward Skins: penta kill, mecha zero, mecha, penguin skier, spooky, crest of the rooster, essence collector, victorious and a couple others I have all champions unlocked, 9500 Blue Essence and some miscellanious loot with a 429 mastery score champs with lvl 5 mastery: jinx, cait, ez, mf, kat, lee sin, thresh champs with lvl 6 mastery: TF, Vayne, Yi, Riven, fizz, teemo, GP, fiora, diana champs with lvl 7 mastery: Panth, Lucian, Ekko, Yas, Rengar