LEVEL 36. I have 294 different Pokemon in the account, All with high CP since I eliminate all the weak Pokemon I catch. TIRANITAR(91%-3527cp), DRAGONITE(92%-3371), SNORLAX(96%-3198), RAIKOU(96%-3162), BLISSEY(98%-3124), GYARADOS(87%-3102), RHYDON(88%-3064), VAPOREON(88%-2922), GOLEM(100%-2771), ARTICUNO(93%-2765), MACHAMP(89%-2686). These are my TOP favorites. In general I have 753 Pokemon and a backpack with space for 850. Space for 450 items. I have 7 lucky eggs, 9 incubators, 124 max potion, 81 max revive. 4 incense and a lot of everything. I never used hacks so the account works perfectly and all the Pokemon and products are in high level.