D4 18 LP EUW




EUW acc Diamond 4 18 lp you can see the champs and most shards in the picture but here they are.CHAMPS:Alistar,Annie,Ashe,Caitlyn,Garen,Janna,Kata,Kayle,Yi,Morgana,Poppy,Shaco,Sivir,Soraka,Teemo,Tristana,Trynda,Vayne,Warwick,Xin,Yasuo,Zilean.CHAMP SHARDS:Amumu,Anivia,Corki,Fizz,Galio,Gankplank,Gnar,Ivern,Karma,Karthus,Lee,Lux,Maokai,MissF,Pantheon,Rammus,Renekton,Shen,Sion,Tahm,Twitch,Talon,Urgot,Vi,Viktor,Yorick,Zed. It has 3 unopenned chest,5400 Blue essence,only 4 champs have their chests taken,all 3 refunds are available,Yas Shaco and Cait are bought with BE and can be refunded.88Revel Tokens Skin Shards:BloodMoon Yasuo,Elementalist Lux,Ionia Master Yi,Omega Squad Teemo ,Recon Teemo,Sanguine Garen,Forest Ashe,Slay Belle Katarina 3 ward skin shards,7 emotes Skype-jokera1516