Diamond V Account




- Level 57 Account - This account is currently Diamond V with 57 lp. (I will stop the account from decaying until I have found an owner) - Flex Queue also has an mmr of around the Platinum division. - Has a total of 74,855 blue essence and 38 rp. - A total of 176 owned skins ( Of those 2 Ultimate skins, 0 Mythic skins, 12 Legendary skins and 32 Epic skins) - A variety of emotes - 42 Champion shards to be converted into essence through the hextech crafting - 1665 orange essence (an eternum reksai skin shard as well) - The clash section has not been touched for this account - I am willing to come to an agreement for the price of this account regardless of the offer I display - If you would like more photo evidence I am happy to comply