EUNE Silver 1 account with great username and a few champions and skins




The definite highlight of the account is the Summoner Name: Troll and that it has Victorious Graves. The account has no past bans and was honor level 5 and Gold 5 in season 7. Currently, it's Silver 1. It has 7 epic skins, 2 legendary skins, and 4 legacy skins. Order of the lotus Karma Super galaxy Fizz Tyrant Swain Gull metal Rammus Cutthroat Graves Victorious Graves Pirate Ryze Royal Shaco Star Guarduan Ahri, Lulu, Janna Pulsefire Caitlyn Bewitching Tristana and Morgana Dark Star Orianna Marauder Warwick Soulhunter Kayn Shadow Evelynn SKT T1 Jax Riot Girl Tristana Bird of Prey Anivia Champions are: Ahri, akali, amumu, annie, ashe, caitlyn, camille, dr mundo, evelynn, fizz, galio, gangplank, garen, gragas, graves, janna, jax, karma, katarina, kayle, kayn, khazix, leona, lulu, master yi, mordekaiser, morgana, nasus, nidalee, nunu, orianna, poppy, rammus, ryze, shaco, singed, sion, sivir, sona, soraka, swain, syndra, tristana, varus, vayne, volibear, warwick, xayah, xin zhao and zoe. It also has 7 chests, 0 keys, a corporate mundo and a project lucian skin shards.