EUW – Diamond IV – 133 champions, 29k BE – 178 skins including rare/expensive ones




133 Champions Owned Skins Owned 178: Ultimate: Elementalist Lux Spirit Guard Udyr Pulsefire Ezreal Legendary: Nightbringer Yasuo Dawnbringer Riven (with border) Star Guardian Ahri The Magnificent Twisted Fate Dunkmaster Darius Star Guardian Jinx Project Yi Infernal Nasus Blood Lord Vladimir Project Ashe Suprise Party Fiddlesticks Demon Blade Tryndamere Epic Skins: Project Yasuo Project Zed Arcade Riven Dragonblade Riven Knockout Lee Sin Project Katarina Death Sworn Katarina Arcade Ahri Star Guardian Lux Snowday Syndra Star Guardian Syndra Soul Reaver Draven Project Lucian Dragonslayer pantheon Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Guardian of the Sand Xerath Radient Wukong Arctic ops Varus Warring Kingdoms Jarven IV Eternum Cassiopia Mecha Malphite Tyrant Swain Eternum Rek'Sai Shadowfire Kindred Pool Party Lulu Championship Skins Owned Championship Zed Championship Thresh Championship Shyvana Championship Riven 2016 Victorious Skins Victorious Morgana Victorious Maokai Victorious Sivir Victorious Graves Mastery Seven Yasuo (MAIN 344k Mastery Points) Zed (223k Mastery Points) Riven (123k Mastery Points) Lee Sin ( 117k Mastery Points) Katarina (80k Mastery Points) Ahri (68k Mastery Points) Vayne (66k Mastery Points) Lux (33k Mastery Points) Syndra (32k Mastery Points) Own all the champions except: Ivern Aurelion Sol Gnar Braum Nami Zyra Skarner Enough blue essence to buy some of them as well as name change - 29438 Blue Essence