EUW silver 3 active account since s3 perfect for a smurf; 135 champions(don't have sejuani, nami, leona, nautilus, Vel'koz, Ziggs) ; 77 skins owned including spirit guard udyr, project vayne, dragon trainer tristana, star guardian jinx, dragonblade riven, arcade riven, championship riven, soul reaver draven, gladiator draven, pool party draven, mecha khazix, blood moon twisted fate, underworld twisted fate, red card twisted fate, pool party graves, project fiora, dragonslayer pantheon, high noon jhin, pentakill kayle, challenger nidalee, warring kingdoms nidalee, headhunter rengar, ssw rengar, riot kayle, ssw singed, tpa orianna, skt t1 jax, hired gun lucian, blood moon kalista, sultan tryndamere, king tryndamere, i have many more but they are some of the rarer skins. Also have many rare icons from previous seasons. Willing to negotiate slighting on price.