FatGrandpa (Premium Minecraft account with Semi-OG Name and 3 donator ranks on popular multiplayer servers)




EDIT: THE PRICE IS $200, FOR SOME REASON THE PRICE WOULD STAY AT $350 WHEN I MEANT FOR THE PRICE TO CHANGE TO $200. This is a Premium Minecraft Account with a Semi-OG name (according to the Minecraft community) with 3 donator ranks on popular multiplayer servers. OPMines (IP: opmines.com) - GrandTitan Rank (Highest Rank and costs $327.50 USD) Click this link, then the GrandTitan tab for what perks come with this rank ---> http://buy.opmines.com/category/186110 Badlion (IP: na.badlion.net) - Plus Rank (Previously was named "Donator Rank" and previously cost $30.00 USD) (Costs $50.00 USD on Badlion Store), Click this link to see what perks come with this rank ---> https://store.badlion.net/category/ranks MineHeroes (IP: mineheroes.net) - Ultimate Rank (Highest Rank and costs $40.00 USD, previously cost $400.00 USD), Click this link, then click the "Ultimate" tab to see what perks comes with this rank ---> http://store.mineheroes.net/category/348962 With all the prices added up, the account is worth over $800.00 USD. This account is not banned on any server and had no previous owners. If you have any other questions, just ask!