Full Access Minecraft Account with Multiple Ranks




https://namemc.com/profile/Ambiee.2 <--- Here is the account I am selling. Had the account since 2013-ish, multiple servers with multiple ranks: (Will give server IP's when trading). Mineplex: $9.99 rank. HumblePie: $13.50 rank. TownyAge: $150 rank plus permanent kits (four kits) worth $175 and $25 worth of permanent titles. DestructionCraft: $40 rank. CelestialGaming: $100.99 rank plus $10.99 extra rank. Rebirthcraft (banned unfortunately- but can try to be unbanned): $150 rank. EzureMC (does not exist anymore): $100 rank. Perhaps a few more servers with ranks, however I cannot fully remember them. The total of $ spent INCLUDING the banned server would be around $760. Minus the banned server/non-existant server, this rank I believe is worth $511.97. Will be selling for $350, is negotiable. Please message me if you are interested. If you are not, tell a friend who is interested. Fully able to transfer the account. Can change email, name, skin.