G5 Japan Account




I'm selling my League of Legends Account, which is currently in Japan due to my stay there. It has 4000 RP and ~50.000 Blue Essences to transfer it back immediatly. 130 Champions 91 Skins 215 Mastery Score Ultimate Skins: Elementalist Lux Legendary Skins: Zombie Brand, Pulsefire Caitlyn, Red Baron Corki, Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath and many more that are unavailable orgininating from Season 1,2,3 like Victorious Janna, Riot Graves, Toxic Mundo, Leopard Nidalee and many more. The account is currently Dishonorable because of excessive leaving games, which came from my poor internet connection in Japan. I will change the E-mail to an E-Mail of your choice after the money is transfered.