Gold 2 – 135 Champs 152 Skins




Summoner Name: EZBakeEZLyfe. 4410 IP, 64 RP. S3: Silver, S4: Gold, S5: Platinum, S6: Platinum, Current: Gold 2 with 24 LP. Account includes every champion except for Ornn, Kayn, and Camille. Also includes 152 skins. This includes several legacy as well as Victorious Morgana, Sivir, and Maokai. Mastery LVL 7: Brand, Azir, and Lee Sin. Mastery LVL 6: Thresh. Mastery LVL 5: Bard, Kalista, Blitzcrank, Rengar, Orianna, Zed, Ekko, and Lucian. 2 Rune Pages. Total mastery score: 286. Honor level 2. Best method of contact would be through my email at [email protected]