GOLD II 30LP – 6 Skins – 112 MScore – Username: Nano iZilla




Username: Nano iZilla Solo/Duo: GOLD 2 30LP Flex: GOLD 4 23LP Mastery Score: 112 Champions: 33 Skins: 6 (Pulsefire Caitlyn: Legendary; Fnatic Janna: Legacy; Bandito Fiddlesticks; Spectacular Nidalee: Legacy; Riot Girl Tristana: Limited; Riot Kayle: Legacy; Explorer Ezreal: Legacy) Rune Pages: 2 Riot Points: 114 Blue Essence: 2991 Emotes: 5 Chest: 5 3 Win Boost activ! You have to buy Ezreal with BE to unlock Explorer Ezreal in the Hextech Crafting.