Gold V with Tons of Rare Summoner Icons and Skins since 2013




Selling my main and only Gold V ranked account. Been collecting summoner icons and skins since 2013. Features: Level 112 All champions 238 total Summoner Icons- -1 mythic -16 epic -113 rare -75 legacy 169 total Skins- -1 ultimate -5 legendary -27 epic -69 legacy -2 chroma packs 364 total mastery score- -1 level 7 -4 level 6 -21 level 5 and 6 20 emotes 8 rune pages 28k+ blue essence Further information: Gold V this season and 2 previous seasons, 2014 and 2016, resulting in end of season rank rewards, which are, the Gold ranked summoner icons and the Victorious Morgana and Maokai skins. Other extremely rare skins include but is not limited to, -All 6 Championship skins, including a special border and golden chroma on Championship Ashe. -4 Riot skins released in special events and skin codes I bought for, Blitz, Graves, Nasus, and Kayle. -3 2012 Worlds Champions skins (TPA) -4 2013 World Champions skins (SKT1) -Pulsefire Ezreal -Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch, skins you can only receive with referrals and a special border on them for receiving them before 2015 There's so much more rare skins and they're awesome. If you want to see them all, ask. Since the end of 2013 also been picking up every summoner icon available through events and purchased many with RP. To name a few of the rare icons, 2014 URF icon from the very first time the event was released, "team builder" icons for all 5 roles obtained through hard quests, icons every year from worlds msi and all star tournaments, blood moon, harrowing, lunar revel, so on