High masters almost every skin account




Level: 728 Rank peak: 3930 Current rank: 3514 Skins: 966 Total Special Skins: 134 Competitive points: 2069 Golden guns: 7 Special skins are considered those who are either event locked or no longer available, that being said I'd like to point out that I have the mercy pink skin from the recent charity event and the widowmaker kerrigan skins which are no longer available. I also have the All access pass linked to the account which means you'll have all items/drops from the Overwatch league including the away skins, 4 different gray skins (Hanzo, Tracer, Mcree, Genji) and the lucio party emote. This account also has Black ops 4 pre-purchased and the digital deluxe edition of Destiny 2. If you consider the price to be too high contact me and we can come to an agreement