Huge Minecraft Account for Sale




I have a minecraft account called xChubbyPug for sale. It is not full access, but you can trust me. If i screw it up you can always chargeback, you know. Just trust me on this. I have used this account for about 3 years and have about 2,5k$ amount of items on it. About 1,5k$ in paid items, and 1k$ in non-paid items. I don't play minecraft that much anymore, so i'm selling this account now. The items i have are on the servers (IP's may not be exactly right):,,,, I will add the amount i paid for these items besides it. Please remember they're not exact. here's what you can expect from this account: SkyBounds General: Savage Rank ($80) Two Prestiges SkyBounds Fusion: PAID ITEMS ITEMS AND KITS SoulEater Shard ($35) Clown Shard ($35) Immortal Summoner Kit ($180) Clay Kit ($3) Arcane Golem Boss Egg ($55) UNLOCKS Executioner Unlock (Shard = $20) Necromancer Unlock (Shard = $20) Assassin Unlock (Shard = $20) Santa Unlock (Shard = $30) PartyAnimal Unlock (Shard = $30) Thief Unlock (Shard = $25) Guardian Unlock (Shard = $30) Pharaoh Unlock (Shard = $35) Prospector Unlock (Shard = $30) Leprechaun Unlock (Shard = $30) Duelist Unlock (Shard = $55) Bunny Unlock (Shard = $30) Flower Unlock (Shard = $30) Phoenix Unlock (Shard = $35) Chemist Unlock (Shard = $30) Pirate Unlock (Shard = $30) Clown Unlock (Shard = $30) Turkey Unlock (Shard = $35) Frosty Unlock (Shard = $30) Reindeer Unlock (Shard = $35) NON-PAID ITEMS 11 Stacks and 18 Goblin Instant Rituals 6 Stacks and 19 Werewolf Instant Rituals 4 Stacks and 61 Dark Knight Instant Rituals 6 Stacks and 3 Chaos Knight Instant Ritls 7 Stacks and 57 Ghoul Instant Rituals 7 Stacks and 37 Vampire Instant Rituals 12 Immortal Boosters 26 Immortal Shard Economy Tickets (Specials: Robot & Thief = 300,000 | Prospector = 690,000 | Zombie = 20,000 | Cupid = 0) 2 Stacks and 16 Arcane Shards FW3 GSet Sharp 6 Curse 4 GSword Power 6 GBow Cupid Set Banker 3 Set Miner 3 Set A few collectable items like: Immortal Chestplate, Van Helsing's Sword, Bostain's Chestplate, Admin Planks, Reindeer Poop, Horse Shoes, etc. 5 Spawner Spinners Loads of spawners like blazes, IG's, Cows, Zombies, etc. 2 Creeper Spawners 29 Enderman Spawners Davy Jone's Looting Blade A few God Farming Sword God Island Set God Valguard Set A bunch of trails And a bunch more stuff that is scattered around my island like storm generators, economy tickets, challenge passes, experience, collectable items, IKits, more arcane shards, arcane dust, openables, etc. And maybe even a K.O. Sword if you find one! SkyBounds First: Artist Pack Kit ($10) Flyer Kit ($10) SkyDropper Kit ($17) Summoner Kit ($12) SoulEater Unlock (Shard = $35) LumberjackFairy Unlock (Shard = $20) MineSaga Kingdom: Frost/Viscount Rank (Transported from Blizzard, $50) CosmicPrisons Sahara: Enchanter G-Kit (Flare itself: $15) Warlock G-Kit (Flare itself: $12) Millions of cash Lots of loot and Energy T3 Rank ($60) Hypixel: Decent Stats MVP+ (45$) A few companions (Total: 10$) Cubecraft: Decent Stats Diamond Rank (73$) SaicoPvP Zombie: Stalker Rank (26$) Ghoul Limited Time Kit (20$ Purchase, but Limited Time) That's about it. If interested or need more screenshots, message me. Greets, Gubbie.