IGN – Poppa Singed (Platinum 3 and LVL 90)




This account is a level 90 account whose current rank is Platinum 3. It is on the North American server and currently has 57 champions and 25 skins. The account has 7814 blue essence and 85 RP, it also has 14 champion shards and 3 skin shards in the inventory. It has a total of 191 mastery score and 3 champions who are level 7 mastery: Singed, Thresh, and Yasuo. In addition, it has 4 champions mastery level 6: Sion, Zed, Blitzcrank, and Gangplank. The skins that are on the account are: Beekeeper Singed, Mad Chemist Singed, Snow Day Singed, Blood Moon Thresh, Deep Sea Thresh, Blood Moon Yasuo, Acolyte Lee Sin, Traditional Lee Sin, Lumberjack Sion, Project Zed, Piltover Customs Blitzcrank, Minuteman Gangplank, Badger Teemo, King Tryndamere, Curling Veigar, Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate, Amethyst Ashe, Sun Goddess Karma, Frosted Ezreal, Glacial Olaf, Chosen Master Yi, Battle Regalia Poppy (Pink chroma), Moo Cow Alistar (Pink chroma), Ice Tobaggan Corki, and Lord Darius. It also has 10 emotes currently in the inventory. There is 1012 Orange essence available and 42 key fragments with a hextech chest, along with 2 Lee Sin level 6 mastery fragments all in the inventory too. The account has 0 warnings and 0 bans on it and currently has honor level 3, and it is also eligible for end of season rewards which includes the platinum border!