League account – Ranked silver 3 – Open to Offers




Selling my League account that was silver in season 7, has many champs and skins listed below. $214 spent on the account and hundreds of games played. It is on the EUW servers. Ahri Akali - Crimson Anivia Annie - Panda Ashe Bard Brand Caitlyn - Headhunter - Arctic wafare Cassiopeia - Eternum Cho Gath - Pre historic Dr. Mundo Ekko Elise - Death Blossom Ezreal Fiddlesticks - Surpirse Party Galio - Debonair Garen Gnar Gragas Graves Heimerdinger Jax Kalista Karthus Kayle Kindred Leblanc Lee Sin Lucian - Project Lux Malphite Maokai Master Yi Miss Fortune - Mafia Mordekaiser Morgana Nasus - Infernal Nautilus Olaf Pantheon Rek Sai Riven Ryze - Pirate Shaco - Masked Singed Sona Syndra -Snow day Taliyah Talon Taric Teemo Tristana - Rocket girl Trundle - World Breaker - Constable Tryndamir - Demon Blade Twisted fate - Blood moon - Musketeer Twitch Udyr Veigar - omega squad - Baron Von veigar Vel Koz - Definitely not Viktor Volibear Warwick - Tundra hunter Wukong - Jade Dragon Xin Zhao Yasuo - Project Zac Ziggs