League of Legends $1000 account




This is my normal smurf account, with over $1000 dollars spent on it. Multiple skins, too many to list. High Silver Elo . The name on the account is a 1 of a kind, SUPER RARE. As a league of legends player the account should ring a bell, he used to do BreakingTheMeta videos on youtube. His account (before he quit and rejoined league). I have that name on the account. I happened to create this account and grab the name as he quit. I get MSG's every game asking if Im the youtuber. If you need proof and are a serious Buyer just ask me. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJwYjzr3QDzzVmYeQk-Zhkg) Theres his channel. This account has so much stuff on it you would never need to buy anything else. THE ACCOUNT ALSO HAS 7 GEMSTONES!