League of Legends




This account has many Skin including sets/old icons and legacy. It has never played a ranked match in it’s existence and the account is now level 93. The name of the account is, Pentagram which is a very nice touch to the option of gaining a pentakill during a match and/or if you’re a goth like myself. 76 champions owned including two shards for each in inventory 21 Epic skins OWNED 15 Legendary skins OWNED 0 Mythic skins OWNED 1 Ultimate skins OWNED 38 Legacy skins OWNED 1 Chroma Pack OWNED to a total of 101 skins With also 1000+ Match wins Over $1400 spent on Account (can Negotiate from 500) And both God-King skins included with BOTH very limited and very RARE borders, forever unobtainable (HAVE BOTH) including all God-King wards/icons for BOTH champions, Garen-Darius Email me at [email protected] for further screenshots and to answer any and all questions (account has 3 passwords and an authenticator for max security) This account is Oceanic and can be Changed to any of the following: Brazil, EUNE, EUW, EUE, JAPAN, LATIN AMERICA NORTH/SOUTH, NORTH AMERICA SOUTH/NORTH, RUSSIA, and finally TURKEY