League Of Legends Account all Champs, many skins dia




Hello, Im here to sell my Account. Im invested much time in this Account, but i have to study so i want to sell it. -Euw Server -All Champs -10800 Ep -110 Skins ultimate spirit guard udyr Legendary Primetime Draven Zombie Brand Dunkmaster Darius Final Boss Veigar Projekt Yi Brolaf Suprise Party Fiddlestick Blackfrost Anivia Eternum Noctunre Red Baron Corki DemonBlade Tryndermere Epic Mecha Khazix Sad Robot Amumu Pool Party Ziggs Underworld Wukong Super Galaxy Kindred Creator Viktor Soulstealer Vladimir Battlecast Urgot Dragonblade Riven Bloodmoon Diana Warrior Kingdom Xin Zhao - many not viable skins like RIOT GRAVES, RAVENBORN LB, RIOT KAYLE, MOST CHRISTMAS SKINS, KITTY CAT KATA, UNDERWORLD TF, CHAMPIONSSHIP TRESH, GOALKEEPER BC ...... - 33 legacy skins + 90 skins - many Icons - Loot 8 skins + 10 Champs As you see the Account got all you want, if you have questions just ask. After buying the Account, I send you every Account Informations you need. Thanks Erik, email me ([email protected]) Accept Paypal.