Level 34 legendary account with 4+2expass mewtwos(98,82,82,76) ,20shinys including dragonite and 48 legendary beasts




46 legendary pokemons starting from birds to exclusive mewtwo Mewtwos :-4(3603IV98,3424IV82,2228IV82,2209) Kyogre. :-7(2879IV93,2879,2868,2865,2293,2257,2255) Groudon :-8(2894IV93,2862,2812,2297IV91,2295 IV91,2280,2276,2266) Rayquaza:-3(2582IV93,2556,2542) Raikou:-3(1899IV93,2028IV89,1860) Suicune:-4(1579,1573,1570,1560) Entei :-7(1909,1905,1886,1885,1881,1880,1874) Lugia:-2(3183IV85,2020IV82) Zapdos:-2(1881IV91,2007IV89) Moltres:-1(1848IV91) Articuno:-1(1655IV89) HO-OH :-3 don't know the exact IV'S of this pokemon you can see screenshots SHINY:- 1 dragonite 93IV 8 DRATINI s 6 Magicarps 2 gyarados 2 raichu 1 lovdisc Full gen1,gen2 Dex completed few left in gen3 total of 330 (150/150,98/98, incomplete). There are plenty of pokemons with perfect 100IV Tyranitar(2),dragonite(3),blissey(2),snorlax(2),rhydon(3),gyarados(2),Aggron,kabutops,venasaur,vaporeon,flareon,jolteon,Hariyana,gardevoir,machamp,golem,heracross,omastar,ursaring many more...check all the monster by contacting me. Note:- it's hand played account so don't bring the thought of ban in my market Type:- Gmail level34 mystic Advice:- never bot this account at any cost and don't snipe untill and unless you know how to snipe safely without getting ban and risk associated with sniping and bot. Thanks for making great deals with me encourage me by buying accounts I will bring better accounts for our lovely customers. Price negotiation:-available Contact:- Gmail:[email protected] Discord:-wickedmonk#9751.