Level 35 – Unranked – 222 Skins All Champs




As stated, you can see the owned skins, RP amount, Blue essence amount etc... Here https://imgur.com/gallery/2gyxq I've compiled a list of the more rare skins I own; Championship Riven (Season 2), Judgement Kayle, Spirit Guard Udyr, Reaper Soraka, Prototype Viktor, Time Machine Zilean, Classic Karma, Classic Trundle, Traditional Sejuani, Butcher Urgot, Yellow Jacket Shen, Void Nocturne, Dragon Knight Mordekaiser, Jailbreak Graves, Crimson Akali, Pharaoh Amumu, Freljord Ashe, Safari Caitlyn, Vandal Gragas, Imperial Lux, Workshop Shaco, Primal Udyr, Vandal Vladimir, Vandal Twitch, Toxic Dr Mundo, Mr Mundoverse Paypal or Etransfer