Level 40 Instinct All legends, mewtwo 96IV




Hello, I’m selling my level 40 team instinct account. It was being handplayed, never spoofed nor botted, all the data are 100% legit. The nickname can be still changed and the email address. Stardust over 1million 27 gold gym badges Gold Medals: Jogger (2282km), Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Collector, Scientist, Breeder, Backpacker, Battle girl (over 7.000), Youngster, Pikachu Fan, Berry Master (over 15.000), Gym Leader (20.000 hours) Rare GO Safari Zone - Europe 2017 Silver Medals: Fisherman 114/300, Battle Legend 315/1000 Bronze Medals: Ace Trainer 51/100, Unown 9/10, Champion 35/100 All Pokemon Type Medals on Gold. Most outstanding Pokemon in the collection: LEGENDARY: Maxed Mewtwo 96IV 3969CP, Mewtwo 78IV Weather bossted 2769, 93IV 2259, 82IV 2228CP Mew 1271CP Groudon 98IV 4064CP (13 in total 91,96,91,93,93, etc) 1x boosted 91IV Kyogre 98IV 3944CP (13 in total 91,91,96,) 2x boosted 91IV’s Rayquaza 98IV 2076CP (19 in total 98,96,96,93,93 etc) 1x boosted 80IV 2535CP Entei 100IV 3015CP Raikou 96IV 2519CP, 96IV 1898, 91IV 1890 Suicune 91IV 2458CP Ho-Oh 93IV 2811CP + 3 more Articuno 93IV 1916CP + 4 more Moltres 87IV 1841CP + 3 more Zapdos 87IV 2059CP +3 more Lugia 93, 96IV Weather bossted 2545CP, 87IV 2184CP and many more 1 Shiny Lugia 2024CP 4x Maxed Gyarados 93IV, 93IV and Shiny Gyarados 3133CP 4x Maxed Blisseys 98IV 3196CP, 82IV 3187, 87IV 3155, 3106IV 28x Chanseys 2x Machamps maxed 98IV 2881CP, 96IV 2873CP and couple of others good IV's 2x Maxed Alakazams 100IV 2866CP, 96IV 2536CP 3x Maxed Tyranitars 100IV,98IV, 96IV, 91IV, 10x Snorlax 10x Lapras 1x Metagross 1x Slaking 4037CP and 7 Slakoths with 173 Candies left Shiny Pokemon in Collection: Lugia, Gyarados, Dragonite 82IV 3110CP, Raichu, Dragonair, 4x Pikachu, 1x Pikachu with Party Hut, Dratini, Shuppet, Bulbasaur, 8 shiny Mareeps and its evolutions, Poochenya, 2 shiny Murkrows Total Pokemon Kanto 150, Johto 97, Hoenn 113. Bagpack is maxed to 1500 items, Pokemon Storage 850 Over 160 Hyper Potions, 90 Max Potions, 120 Revives, 130 Max Revives, 11x Lucky Egg, 5x Incense, 34x Fast TM, 35x Charged TM, 12x Rare Candies, 18x Star piece, 4x Lure Module, 150 Golden Razz Berries. ( Data will slightly change since game is still being played until sold) 300 Coins. If you are interested and want to verify some infos, just pm me and I’ll send you a screenshot of wanted information