Level 40 (Valor) Pokémon Go account




One of the best Level 40 Pokémon Go accounts. Complete European Pokédex. Team Valor. One of the top accounts from Denmark. - Name Change available - Start Date: July 2016 - Go Plus: Not Used Total number of Pokémon caught: 38.018 as on June 14 2018. Not a single Pokémon was caught by a Go Plus or the like. Every single Pókemon was "caught by hand", so to speak. Walked: 4.219 km. Total XP: 29.408.442. Stats will increase as the account is still being used. Every single Pokémon is measures with Poké Genie, and the IV is entered in the name of every Pokémon in this account. 13 Mewtwos, 10 Tyranitars, 6 Rayquazas, 12 Dragonites (including 2 shiny ones), 6 Raikous, 11 Snorlaxes, 5 Blisseys, many Rhydons, many Gyaradoses (including shiny ones, Umbreons, Latioses, Latiases, Moltreses, Zapdoses, Articunos, Kyogres, Aggrons, Exeguttors, Ampharos and the list goes on. Lots of candy so that all is ready for Gen 4 evolving!!! The following Pokémon are available as 100% on this account: Kyogre, Lugia, Aggron, Alakazam, Arcanine, 2 Donphan, Manectric, Magneton, Politoed, Sudowoodo, Xatu and Gligar. Many maxed out Pokémons. Please, contact me for details, if you are seriously interested. Feel free to send me an email, as I will supply all the additional info you might need: [email protected] Thanks. Best regards, Martin