Level 500 GM/Master | SEASON 1-10 | 9 GOLDEN GUNS | 4336 CP |




Final exams are coming up and im looking to sell this account, to avoid the temptation of playing and wasting more time. Also i have lost interest in ow and gaming in general, and i wont be playing this summer since i will be travellng alot. So it's time to cash in. Level 500, 9 golden guns (bastion, doomfist, hanzo, mcree, mei, pharah, roadhog, soldier 76, sombra). A ton of rare/event skins (Ana: Ghoul. Doomfist: Talon. Dva: Cruiser. Genji: Nihon/Blackwatch. Junkrat: Dr.Junkenstein. Mcree: Scrooge/American. Mei: Mei-rry. Mercy: Witch/Combat Medic Ziegler. Pharah: Frostbite. Reaper: Shiver/Pumpkin. Reinhardt: Lieutenant Wilhelm. Roadhog: Rudolph/Junkenstein's Monster. Soldier 76: Immortal. Sombra: Peppermint/Rime. Symmetra: Vampire. Torbjorn: Santaclad/Chief Engineer Lindholm. Tracer: Track And Field/Jingle. Widow: Tricolore. Zenyatta: Nutcracker SEASON 1-10. I am the original owner. Name change not available. 4336 CP. 2700 credits. >>>>>>> https://imgur.com/a/wYkxF5o <<<<<<< Add me to discuss price. PAYPAL ONLY. Discord: skippy#2786