Level 865 mid-masters account with pink mercy skin and noire pre-order skin!




My discord is Abi#0602 More Images of the account can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/viyI15I I am the original owner of this account and so will be able to provide the secret answer so you are able to change the email and password to make the account 100% yours. The account has many exclusive skins from both events and one-off events. Such as Seoul Dynasty Pharah, Noire and Kerrigan Widow, Pink Mercy and Nano Cola D.va. The account has 2010/2600 items in total and 293 skins, 113 of them being legendary skins. The account has 4300 coins to allow you to get any extra items. It also has 4 Golden weapons belonging to Pharah, Ana, Mercy and Junkrat. Along with 3145 competitive points to allow the purchase of another golden weapon. The competitive rank of the account has been consistently masters since season 4. Season 10 the account finished at 3505 and season 11 it finished at 3753. The account has not been placed this season but I am happy to do the placements and place it around the same SR. I am asking for $450 for the account due to the exclusive skins, golden weapons and points, Masters SR, length of playtime and amount of legendary skins. Payment methods can be discussed through Discord! I am willing to answer any questions or offers you may have on discord! Thanks for checking this out!