LoL Account EUW almost all champs lots of skins! Gold V already




League of Legends account for sale! EUW. Level 64. Sale because I stopped playing. Owns nearly all champs, only 22 champs are not owned! Personally spent over 350 euros. Dont ask me why. 50 skins owned, 2 legendary, 8 epics and 13 legacy. 1 Chroma. - Legenary god fist Lee sin - Legendary Ice Tobbogan Corki Also owned Lunar Guardian Nasus with a sick border! Gold 4 previous season, Gold 5 62 LP now. Mastery 7: - Shaco - Illaoi - Lee sin (almost 100K) - Thresh - Taliyah If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. The price is discusable. Name of the account: RoyalVirgin