LoL account EUW, Gold II, 495eu of skins




Account is called Copini on EUW. It has 103 champions, 146 skins and 5 chromas. The account has a gold II, 70 lp ranking. It has 43 rp and 26742 be. The most important skins included are: Ultimate (1): pulsefire ezreal Legendary (10): the magnificent twisted fate, firefighter tristana, red baron corki, gentleman cho'gath, gatekeeper galio, super galaxy rumble, omega squad teemo, nunu bot, aether wing kayle and annie in wonderland Epic (23): super galaxy fizz, void fizz, radiant wukong, underworld wukong, project: lucian, dragonslayer pantheon, project: ekko, mecha malphite, pool party ziggs, dragonblade riven, sad robot amumu, knockout lee sin, warring kingdoms xin zhao, battleboss malzahar, creator viktor, winter wonder lulu, dragon trainer lulu, project: yasuo, arcade hecarim, mecha aatrox, eternum rek'sai, arcade miss fortune en project camille. The account also has 45 legacy skins, with normal skins accounting for the rest. I've spent a total of 495eu on this account, as well as 44 days of playtime that has been mostly spent on champions.