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Some of the skins: PROJECT Zed with PROJECT border, Victorious Graves,Victorious Maokai,Championship Zed, God Fist Lee Sin,Mistletoe LeBlanc,Elementalist Lux, Firecracker Jinx, Captain Gangplank, Unchained Alistar, Zombie Ryze,Judgment Kayle, Riot Kayle, Challenger Nidalee, Super Galaxy Rumble, Riot Girl Tristana, Earnest Elf Tristana Number of Rune Pages: 6 Level: 41 Number of Champions Owned : 128 Number of Skins Owned : 39 Rare Skins : PROJECT Zed with PROJECT border Current SoloQ Division: Gold/ Tier: 3 Current FlexQ Division: Gold/ Tier: 3 Previous Season Borders: S4 Bronze/ S5 Silver/ S6 Platinum/ S7 Gold Honor Level : 2 NO SCAMS!