LoL EUW Account with lots of Stuff




Don't get shocked by the price, it's worth it. Here some data: Rank: S3 = Gold, S4= Platinum, S5= Gold, S6= Plat S7= Plat1 Current Summoner LvL= 74 Number of Champions: All unlocked before Pyke Current Blue Essence: 10740 Current RP: 124 Honor Level : 1 ( I'm sorry I tilted thats why i sell my Account ^^. But don't worry was just a chat restrict that's a long time ago and its easy to lvl up) Mastery Score 420 (1x lvl 7, 11x lvl6, 7x lvl5 180 Skins ( 5x Ultimate, 2x Mythic, 21x Legendary, 49x Epic, 49x Legacy, 7x Chromas Emotes 9x Runepages 13