Lv 77 – 244 Skins – Stupid Name ;P




Hey future Summoner. My Account is on Silver III and has 244 Skins of which 16 are Legendary, 65 Epic and 75 Legacy. Furthermore you'll have 118 Champions to test and CLIMB the (epic music) ELO letter. But wait, theres more (I think they say that on TV shopping XD). You get 3308 Blue Essence and 946 to buy urself that Yasuo Skin to be Edgy like the cool Kids. Oh yeah and i got 2 Rune Pages. But let's me seriouse. You'll change the same one before game every time either way. So if your not convinced: I got Vayne on lv 7, so u cant feed and Spam the emote every time you die immediately. ^^ btw. I got about 12 Emotes to cover all Feelings from KS to Ace.