Lv44 Unranked, 118 Champions, 97 Skins including 3 Ultimate, 1 Mythic and 23 Legacy!




Selling my main account! dumped heaps of money into it over the years so lots of champs, skins, emotes and other goods. Ultimate Skins: Elementalist Lux Pulsefire Ezreal DJ Sona Mythic Skins: Soulstealer Vayne Legendary Skins: Project: Ashe Project: Vayne Star Guardian Jinx Forecast Janna Project: Yi Mecha Zero Sion Aether Wing Kayle Demonblade Tryndamere Ice Toboggan Corki Final Boss Veigar Brolaf Skin Shards: Super Galaxy Fizz Other Account Goods: Epic Skins: 26 Legacy Skins: 23 Chromas: 2 Emotes: 12 Summoner Icons: 94 Rune Pages: 4 Champions: 118 Riot Points: 102 Blue Essence: 4138 Orange Essence: 110