NA // P5 | 198 Skins | Plat Border | Pulsefire Ez Spirit Udyr | 11 Legendary 44 Epic | 140 Champions | Email Swap + Account Information




I will transfer the email over to you. In the event of a ban for Account Sharing, and if you can provide proof that was the reason for the ban, I will work with riot to reinstate the account in order to return it to you. Any bans for in-game toxicity, 3rd party software, or any other non account sharing related incident I do not take responsibility for. After the purchase is made I will have the account to you within 1 hour. The account has 198 skins, all champs besides Pyke. It was D5 two seasons ago, plat 2 last season and is currently mid plat mmr decaying to plat 5. Any additional information can be provided by contacting me. The account is verified but I will work hastily with you to give you the authentication number in my email and transfer the account to you. Regard,