Selling my Plat V Solo Queue Account with tons of skins and most of the champs. I have played a few games in pre-season and decided among selling my account and my computer due to this unhealthy relationship of mine with league. About Four-Five years of work has been put into this account. This doesn't really appeal to me anymore and I am finally glad to say good bye. Can change the password, email, etc. I will even provide enough RP to change the user if you would like. If interested in purchasing the account, Contact me through discord or here lilhuynh#6349. I will also let you see the rest of the skins including the emotes, chromas, summoner wards, and icons that come with this account. ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS!!! Champs- 128 Skins- 126 Spirit guard Udyr 6 Legendary 30 Epic 41 Legacy Emotes- 30 Icons- 175 Wards- 13 Delivery is quick upon purchase and you will assume full ownership. I'm actually selling this account, I am not interested in league anymore.