Oce | Gold 2 | Plat 5 mmr| 127 champs| 58 skins|lvl 47| SUPER CHEAP




Beautiful account for climbing lvl 47, gold 2 with plat 5 mmr 62% win rate, 127 champs and 58 skins with 25 rare skins. also comes with a gold border, account will be supplied with full account details and credentials, including user name and password for the registered email. skins on account: zombie nunu, tundra fizz, glacial malphite, victorious graves, the magnificent twisted fate, victorious morgana, hired gun lucian,riot girl tristana, leprechaun veigar, sheriff caitlyn, high noon yasuo, general wukong, silvefang akali, heartseeker vayne, uncle ryze, angler jax, battle bunny riven, gladiator draven, guerilla tristana, spellthief lux,aristocrat vayne, darkflame shyvana, loch ness chogath,nurse akali, jade fang cassiopeia, firefighter tristana, sultan tryndamere, demonblade tryndamere, jurassic chogath, frankentibbers annie,pumpkinhead fiddlesticks, haunting nocturn, dynasty ahri, french maid nidalee, mecha khazix, earthrune skarner, riot blitzcrank, arcade hecarim,full metal rammus, riot graves, mafia jinx, championship thresh, frost blade irelia, rocket girl tristana, pool party ziggs, deep sea kogmaw, tpa nunu, spectral fiddlesticks, mercenary katarina, crimson elite riven, astronaut teemo, galactic renekton, bloodstone lissandra, tyrant swain, royal shaco, firefang warwick, unchained alister, assassin master yi