Personal Account for sale, West.




Sorry for the crapy looking featured picture. Press on it to see full size! First of all, the reason of sale is that I don't play anymore. Account has: All champions 268 skins (2 Ultimate, 1 Mythic, 20 Legendary, 44 Epic, 73 Legacy and 9 Chromas) 9 Emotes + basic thumb up. New Rune pages have not been touched. Additional pages have not been bought. 216 rp and 130k Blue Essence. You will be easily able to change nickname, and buy as many rune pages as you want. Account was created in Season 2. Ranked Solo/Duo ending: Season 3- Bronze Season 4- Gold Season 5- Gold Season 6- Gold Season 7- Gold Season 8- Unranked. Also here are photos from account itself. Unowned Champs: Skins: Emotes: Loot: