EUW Plat 3 Account for Sale, basis for negotiation




Hi, I want to sell my League Of Legends Platinum 3 Account, I have all Champion on this Account, 195 total Skins ( 2 Ultimate, 12 Legendary, 48 Epic, 40 Legacy, and a total of 21 Chromas) On this Account there are 38k BE and 46 RP Here are a Number of Special Skins/Chromas: Ultimate: -Elementary Lux, - Pulsefire Ezreal Legendary: -Dunkmaster Darius, -Nightbringer Yasuo, -Project: YI, -Star Guardian Jinx, -Infernal Nasus, -Final Boss Veigar, -Eternum Nocturne, -Dawnbringer Riven, -Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, -Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath, -Omega Squad Teemo, -Demon Blade Tryndamere If you want to know all Skins, just text me Special: I have 880k Champion Points on Katarina and every Single Skin of her (including the Golden Chroma for her Warring Kingdoms Skin The Account is Level 71 at the Moment, and has 8 Rune Pages. I have a few Ward Skins and Emotes too, if you want to know which you can still ask me. The Account was Diamond 5 last Season and is now Honor Level 2 with 3 Checkpoints, Paided over 1600 Euros in that, would be realy happy to get the Amount of Money, but Im open for communication and lowering the price