[EUNE]Plat 4 soloQ\119 skins\123 champs


Plat 4 soloQ\119 skins\123 champs"]


playing since season 3, rank: plat 4. have almost all the champions, and 119 skins incuding: pulsefire ezreal, spirit guard udyr, star guardian jinx, dragon trainer dristana, final boss veigar, annie is wonderland , robot nunu, championship (kalista, new riven, shyvana), victorious( morgana, sivir, maokai, graves) and many more. 21000 IP enough to change name and have enough left! have 14 runes pages !!! a veriety of 126 icons, 8 ward skins! im playing this game for almost 5 years and i invested into this account around 1k dollars ! lvl 60 !