Platinium acc From S3, 97 skins,Pulsefire Ez + More,2000+ Games




OVER 2000 Games played! Several Legendary skins and Un-obtainable skins, Such as Pulsefire Ezreal, Blackfrost Anivia,Corporate Mundo, Safari Caitlyn, Arcade Sona.Arcade Ezreal..And the list goes on.. OVER 1000€ used in skins! ACCOUNT HAS ALL CHAMPS BUT Zoe, Orn, Kayn, Rakan, Camile, Ivern,Aurelion Sol,Illaoi,Nautilus.Heimerdinger, Yorick and Swain! Some rare icons such as 2013 Halloween event icons plus 2013 Silver icon! Feel Free to ASK questions about this account: [email protected]