Gold5 Solo/Duo SoulStealer Vayne!! Plat Border




I do have the plat border!!! 97 Champs/4 Rune Pages Skins Sea Hunter Aatrox Challenger Ahri Festival Queen Anivia Panda Annie Battle Boss Blitzcrank GoalKeeper Blitzcrank Definitely Not Blitzcrank Resistance Caitlyn Officer Caitlyn HeadHunter Caitlyn Battle cast Prime Cho Gath Pool Party Draven PrimeTime Draven Striker Ezreal Every Fizz Skin Commando Garen Rugged Garen Dreadknight Garen Victorious Graves SKT Jax Riot Kayle Elderwood Leblanc Project Lucian Coral Reef Malphite Chosen Master Yi Project Yi Pool Party Miss Fortune Star Guardian Miss Fortune Captain Fortune Cowgirl Fortune Galactic Nasus Infernal Nasus Riot K-9 Nasus Haunting Nocturne TPA Nunu Grungy Nunu Uncle Ryze DJ Sona in loot Celestine Soraka Bilgewater Swain Tyrant Swain Panda Teemo Omega Squad Teemo Little Devil Teemo Blood Moon Thresh Firefighter Tristana Riot Girl Tristana Omega Squad Tristana The Magnificent Twisted Fate Tango Twisted Fate Kingpin Twitch PickPocket Twitch SSW Twitch DragonSlayer Vayne with blue and red chromas HeartSeeker Vayne SKT Vayne Archlighy Vayne SoulStealer Vayne Project Vayne FireFang Warwick Tundra Hunter Warwick Grey Warwick Special Weapon Zac I’m sure I’m forgetting others Also tons of summoner icons and ward skins! Never been banned, only chat restrictions!