(NA) Platinum, 69 Champs, 25 skins (Urfwick+Medieval Twitch) , 19 Skin Shards, 1270 Orange Essence, 2282 IP, 20 RP, NO LINKED EMAIL




This extremely valuable account is being sold far below market price - great for any player or to resale. It contains rare skins only released in season 1 (Urf the Manatee, Medeival Twitch, and the skin shard loot has been untouched since introduction of skin shards. The account is in great standing (Honor 5 last season, and 2/3 checkpoints towards honor 4 this season. It has never been banned/restricted. Skins: Unchained Alistar, Goth Annie, UFO Corki, Dr. Mundo, Sanguine Garen, Victorious Graves, Phantom Karthus, Judgement Kayle, Deep Sea Kog'Maw, Victorious Maokai, Ionia Master Yi, Ravager Nocturne, Full Metal Pantheon, Boneclaw Shyvanna, Warmonger Sion, Barbarian Sion, Hextech Sion, Riot Girl Tristana, Medieval Twitch, Heartseeker Vayne, Leprechaun Veigar, Urf the Manatee, Urfwick, Shurima Desert Zilean Champions: Mostly meta champions, new champions include Pyke/Kai'Sa. See Screenshots for full list. Skin Shards (unclaimed): Ace of Spades Ezreal, Arctic Warfare Caitlyn, Celestine Soraka, Corsair Quinn, Cosmic Reaver Kassadin, Cowgirl Miss Fortune, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, Desert Trooper Garen, Dragonslayer Vayne, Elderwood Bard, Hot Rod Corki, Junkyard Trundle, Kennen M.D., Oktoberfest Gragas, Pulsefire Twisted Fate, Ryze Whitebeard, Varus Swiftbolt, Warden Jax, Warden Karma 10 Emotes, 5 ward skins, 2 ward skin shards. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/5vxWtM9