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No Botted/ Hand Made Account *2 Mewtwo 1 96IV ( 3600k+ cp ) *15 pieces 100IV *7 Suicune *4 Entei *7 Raikou *1 Zapdos *4 Tyranitar 3K plus CP *5 Dragonite 3K plus CP *3 Gyarados CP 2k Plus *3K+ Magikcarp Candies *450 Eevee Candies *1 Umbreon 100IV *Espeon 100IV *Bagstorage 550 *Coins 41 *400k+ Stardusts ✔ NO WARNING AND NO SHADOW BAN ✔ ALL ACCOUNT ARE POKEMON TRAINER CLUB (PTC), LOGIN HERE FOR CHANGE PASSWORD ✔ EMAIL CAN'T CHANGEABLE RULES ☢ 10 HOURS WARRANTY HERE. IF YOU CLICK PURCHASE YOU AGREE MY TERM AND SERVICE FORMAT ACCOUNT YOU RECEIVED PAYPAL EMAIL is : USERNAME : PASWORD LEAVED ME FEEDBACK FIRST, I WILL SENDING YOU ARE TOOL FOR MASS ACCOUNT PASSWORD CHANGER [PM ME] Email me on - [email protected] or message me on discord - 🇵🇭GOPINOY🇵🇭#5137