Pokemon Go Level 40 Team Mystic




Genuine Level 40 Account All Pokemon have been caught by hand Every Legendary exept for Mewtu has been caught, most with IV 91%+ There are 55 Pokemon with 100% IV (Even rare ones like Granbull, Ditto, Togetic, Mr. Mime) About 250 Pokemon with 91%IV or more 7 Tyranitar (2x 96%; 2x 93%; 91%; 89%; 87%) 3 of them maxed to Level 39 7 Dragonite (2x 98%; 2x 96%; 93%; 91%; 84%) 6 of them maxed to Level 39 (One Legacy Moveset) Lots of Items like: Rare Candy; TMs; Lure Modules; Lucky Egg; Incense; Golden Razz Berrys Pokedex: 246 Pokemon Caught; 250 Pokemon Seen Lots of Candys for most strong and rare Pokemon Please note: Till i am selling the account i'm still playing on it to keep it as updated as possible ... so chances are high you are getting a better Account then discribed here