Pokemon Go Level 40 with 4 x Mewtwo and lots of shiny Pokemon’s




Genuine Level 40 account with 4 x Mewtwo All Legendaries Shiny Raichu Shiny Pikachu Shiny Dusclops Shiny Gyrados Shiny Magikarp 1000 bag Pokemon storage 1500 item storage Exclusive badge in this account 13 X raid passes No warnings No bans Username changeable This is an exclusive unbolted account! This has more photos to prove it! As with any account - once payment is received this account is yours to do so at your own risk! I accept no responsibility and if you lose the account that’s your own fault! And no refunds will be issued! Any complaint will be redirected to this message! Do not ruin this account this is amazing!!!! Once in a lifetime account! Any questions Just ask! Happy bidding John